The events of the past week have caused us all to pause and take stock of where we are as a society. Our hearts are broken by what we have seen, heard and experienced not only over the past week but over the past years. This kind of violence has no place in society.

As an organization, OPSOA is committed to the work of equity and valuing our common humanity. We recognize and acknowledge that while we have made some progress in public education, there is much work left to do. We are united in our commitment to doing this work for you, our members, for our students, for our staff and for our communities. By working collaboratively and interdependently, we can transform the system and address racism, in all its forms, in a way that honours the voices and lived experiences of our stakeholders. It is incumbent upon us, as leaders in public education, to take an active role in this work.

The OPSOA Board of Directors
June 3, 2020