Cancellation of Annual OPSOA Conference

Thank you to everyone who completed the recent survey inquiring of your intentions to participate in the upcoming OPSOA conference. Unfortunately, less than a third of our membership indicated that they would be attending.

With the current labour sanctions, this response was not unexpected and resulted in much discussion as to the feasibility of hosting this year’s event. Considering many aspects, e.g. contractual financial obligations, the current and possible future ramifications of the labour situation, the decision has been reached to cancel the 2019-20 OPSOA conference.

This decision was not made lightly especially recognizing the many hours that the Conference Committee has dedicated to planning on our behalf. We thank Chair Krishna Burra and his team for all their efforts knowing that they were planning rich learning opportunities for us. Fortunately, many of the speakers have expressed their willingness to share their expertise with us in the future.

An important part of our annual conference is our AGM. Details surrounding this year’s AGM will be announced within the next few weeks.

Joy Badder
Executive Director – OPSOA