New Executive Director for CAEAS-ECAB

320 Bloomington Road West Aurora, ON L4G 0M1


June 2, 2020

To: All Stakeholders

Subject: New Executive Director for CAEAS-ECAB

Dear all,

CAEAS-ECAB is proud to announce that it has appointed a new Executive Director, Mr. Paul Antaya. He is extremely qualified and dedicated, and we appreciate the plans he has prepared for CAEAS-ECAB.

Paul has spent thirty years in the education sector in Ontario and retired in 2019. His last fourteen years prior to retirement have been as a Supervisory Officer with the Greater Essex County District School Board, the last six of those years as Superintendent of Human Resources.

Paul may be contacted at or at 519-971-3868.

We value our partnerships with all of our stakeholders and appreciate your assistance in cooperating and coordinating with Mr. Paul Antaya in all activities concerning CAEAS- ECAB.


Mihai Claudiu Tat President, CAEAS-ECAB