OPSOA Distinguished Leadership Award

The OPSOA Distinguished Leadership Award is presented annually to a Member who has demonstrated outstanding ability and leadership in public education at both the provincial and local school system levels. The candidate is a leader in a number of OPSOA initiatives and is valued by colleague Members and by the education community for that leadership.

Recipient: Barbara Fraser-Stiff, Alumni Member, former Superintendent of Education, Limestone District School Board

Barb is a ten-year member of OPSOA, the former Eastern Regional Director on the OPSOA Board of Directors and has recently retired from the Limestone District School Board As the Superintendent of Program in Limestone, Barb’s leadership was critical in shifting the focus of administrator learning to be focused on instructional leadership.She presented widely to support leadership development and capacity building for administrators. Barb also played an integral role in overseeing the implementation of FDK providing steady leadership of the Early Years portfolio and its increasing scope in the past few years.Her leadership in supporting the implementation of Growing Success was also critical in her local district.Barb has also provided support to LSA in facilitating a learning session as part of the LSA provincial annual professional learning.Within Eastern Ontario, Barb served on the Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network (EOSDN) Board of Directors from 2014-17.Barb held the position of Vice-Chair of EOSDN from 2014-2016 and Chair for 2016-17 supporting a range of professional learning across the East region.Barb also co-facilitated SOQP Module C, the Provincial Perspective, for EOSDN for 2015-16 and 2016-17 building leadership capacity in the East region.As well, on an annual basis for the past seven years, Barb has delivered a keynote address to all of the Faculty of Education students at Queen’s University focusing on the significance of the School Effectiveness Framework and day-to-day practice of educators in the classroom. Barb served on the OPSOA Board of Directors (East Region) for the past two and half years.As the Eastern Regional Director, she led the organization of the past three OPSOA East Leadership Symposiums.At the provincial level, Barb represented OPSOA on the Math Initiatives Steering Committee and also was the Co-Chair of the 2017 OPSOA conference planning committee.To the Supervisory Officers who brought forward Barb’s name – thank you for recognizing her as a Distinguished Leader