OPSOA President-Elect Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Ontario Public Supervisory Officers' Association (OPSOA) is calling for nominations from active members for the position of President-Elect for 2021-2022. The successful candidate would join OPSOA's Executive Committee for a period of three years in the positions of President-Elect, President and Past-President.

The role of the President-Elect is to assist the President and to observe the role of the President before undertaking that position. It is recognized that the duties in the second year of the term, while President, could necessitate time out of district to attend meetings, present OPSOA positions, support regional activities, and act generally as the official representative of public supervisory officers. The President will be supported in all areas of duty by the Executive, the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and Supervisory Officers from across the province.

For your information, the recent Presidents have come from the following OPSOA Regions:

  • 2020 – Angela Nardi-Addesa – Metro Region
  • 2019 – Karen Edgar – Western Region
  • 2018 – Colleen Russell-Rawlins – Metro Region
  • 2017 – Colleen Kappel – Northern Region
  • 2016 – Frank Wiley – Eastern Region
  • 2015 – Joy Badder – Western Region
  • 2014 – Michelle Leigh – Northern Region
  • 2013 – Norah Marsh – Eastern Region
  • 2012 – Laura Elliott – Western Region
  • 2011 – Ken Bain – Southwestern Region
  • 2010 – Tony Pontes – Central Region
  • 2009 – Linda Fabi – Southwestern Region
  • 2008 – Lise Haman – Northern Region
  • 2007 – Johanne Messner – Metro Region
  • 2006 – Ken Thurston – Central Region

Nomination Criteria:

  • A minimum of five years as a member of OPSOA
  • Involvement and contributions to OPSOA as a member of the Board of Directors or an OPSOA Committee

Article states, that "The President-Elect's Office should not be held consecutively by a representative from the same region." Therefore, we are not able to accept nominations from the Central Region this year.

Nomination Process:

Please complete the nomination package.

Forward completed nomination form by Friday, February 12, 2021 to Freyja Phillips at fphillips@opsoa.org.

If additional information or clarification is required, please contact Joy Badder, OPSOA Executive Director, at joy@opsoa.org.