OPSOA President's Leadership Award

In recognition of the District School Board for the support of their staff serving in the role of President of the Association, an annual OPSOA President's Leadership Award is granted to a student/students from a school of the President’s Board.Recipients are recognized for their outstanding leadership, outstanding contribution to school and/or community and other criteria as determined locally.

Recipients: Sherbrooke Public School Intermediate Students, Lakehead District School Board

Vale Community Breakfast:Sherbrooke intermediate students are volunteering early mornings to help cook breakfast for the community. This program has many different contributions to the school community. Not only do these intermediate students get the opportunity to work alongside high school students and staff, they are also providing healthy meals for any family in the community. The initiative also helps families get started for their day and attend school on time.

Food Hampers:Sherbrooke intermediate students are also organizing a food hamper program. They will be writing letters to organizations and community partners to raise some funds to allow the students to purchase groceries for families in need. They will organize and facilitate the grocery shopping as well as the packing and delivery of the food hampers in the spring.