OPSOA President's Leadership Award

In recognition of the District School Board for the support of their staff serving in the role of President of the Association, an annual OPSOA President's Leadership Award is granted to a student/students from a school of the President’s Board.Recipients are recognized for their outstanding leadership, outstanding contribution to school and/or community and other criteria as determined locally.

Recipient: Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, Toronto District School Board

Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI is a vibrant secondary school serving over 900 secondary students in the south-east corner of the Toronto DSB. Laurier hosts many student-initiated and student-led leadership activities focused on improving well-being, equity and providing service beyond the school. Both staff and students are proud that their student leaders represent the diverse student body. Here is a snapshot of some of their activities this year:

  • Laurier United has a focus promoting equity in the school and purposefully engages the voices and leadership skills of those students who may have been previously excluded from leadership opportunities.
  • Their students actively volunteer beyond their local school. Laurier students offer a community outreach program focused on seniors as well as a peer assistants program where secondary students provide subject-based tutoring in local elementary schools.
  • Lastly, Mind Over Matter is a program which offers a variety of activities throughout the year designed to raise awareness about strategies to support positive mental health and well-being.

This array of leadership programs benefits both the student leaders engaged in each of these co-curricular programs and the border Sir Wilfrid Laurier community.