PCODE Announces the Appointment of a New Executive Director

The Public Council of Ontario Directors of Education (PCODE) has completed its selection process for a new Executive Director. Larry Hope, Vice-Chair, PCODE is pleased to announce that Jim Costello has been selected as the next PCODE Executive Director.

Jim brings many years of senior administrative experience to the role. He currently serves as the Director of Education for the Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB). He has been Director for eight years and prior to that served as a Supervisory Officer with Special Education and Human Resources portfolios. Most recently Jim has provided leadership at the provincial level as Chair of PCODE and Chair of CODE. Jim expressed his sincere interest in continuing to provide a strong, clear voice for public education in Ontario.

Jim plans to continue as Director in LKDSB until July 2019. Wayne Joudrie has agreed to continue to serve as PCODE Executive Director in the interim period.